About Us

Our beans come from all over the world from some of the best farmers. Our importer purchases the beans we roast directly from the farmers at fair wages. Once we select our favorites, we tiny batch roast, just two pounds at a time, and roast daily so your beans are as fresh as possible. 

Our roaster, Mykey, has studied roasting and beans in some of the biggest coffee hot spots. From multiple Washington stops to Austin, Texas, he finally found his way home to Tulsa, Oklahoma bringing all his new found coffee roasting expertise. If you were to ask him the most important quality of a roast he would simply reply, "It needs to taste good." 
We believe coffee is simple and our role in it is small. The farmers, the importers and the earth are the real MVP's. If we get in the way as little as possible and deliver the natural notes of each bean to your cup then we all win. Shoot us an email at hello@happenstance.coffee and describe your perfect cup. All conversation is welcome and we would love to direct you to the perfect roast that fits your style.